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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vale Claude!

Well, it's been two months since our old boy went over the Rainbow Bridge, and we miss him every day! So a little blogging about him is in order.
Claude was 6 years old when I met him. He was one of several Goldens at a rescue volunteer's house in Williamstown. Claude, formerly 'Jed', had lost his owner through illness, so he needed a furever home. He was a big goof, very sweet, and happily came home, sitting in the back of the car and very well mannered. The idea was to have a pal for Bonnie, our German Shepherd girl, who was pining a little after losing her Samoyed friend, Raff.
Bonnie and Claude quickly became the best of friends, and spent another six years together, until Bonnie died. Claude was also very nice to our cats. He never chased or bothered them, even accepting new cats whenever they appeared.He was very good at keeping the peace between the cats, too. Claude was different from our other dogs, more 'in your face', very much an extrovert! He eventually settled a little, but he was always interested in what we were doing, and wanting to be with us. And we were happy to have him with us. He was a big sook in storms, would have happily sat on me, quivering, all 40kg of him! He loved people, sliding onto the floor, belly up, hoping for a tummyrub or ten. His focus was firmly on food, so he loved his doggie treats, and shared my popcorn and grapes and crackers and was a very good hoover where leftovers were concerned! He loved his 'perimeter patrol' of our garden, checking out all the different smells, and adored rolling in the grass, making contented snuffling noises. As he aged, his vision and hearing weren't too good, and he could walk straight past a rabbit and not see it. Claude was always a healthy dog, but he got cancer late in 2012, and survived another 6 months. He passed away at home, surrounded by his family, in his favourite sleeping spot, after one last, slow perimeter patrol. RIP Claude!