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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cold Mountain

The weather report mentioned snow down to 600m today, so we packed the cameras and went for a drive up the mountain. We started off at 8C which quickly turned to 4C in Macedon and 1C on Mt. Macedon. There was a bit of sun about, so we didn't think there'd be too much snow, and indeed, there wasn't enough to build a snowman! Still, a dusting of the white stuff was quite satisfactory and produced some nice shots. I don't know why I get excited about it anyway, I moved here to get away from the snow and slush of Europe!
Whatever; it gave me an opportunity to put on my boots and warm mittens, wrap myself in woolly layers and pretend I'm braving the elements.... My Canadian friends must be laughing by now!
We weren't the only ones checking out the snow situation, a steady stream of cars made its way up the hill and back. I wish I knew somebody who lives up there and could tip me off when the snow's thick on the ground.
On the way back, it seemed appropriate to warm up with a nice hot cuppa, so we stopped at the General Store, which is a friendly place with lots of yummy things to eat and drink and look at. It was blissful just sitting on the window bench and feeling the winter sun on my back, while DH read the paper and enjoyed his cappuchino.