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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 almost over

Christmas was a very relaxed affair - just the way I like it. What I like most about Christmas is getting together with friends and family, either face-to-face or on the phone. This year, There were quite a few of these occasions. On the Wednesday, Sue and Jenny came for lunch, and we had a lovely time. Pity Jenny had to return home to NZ so soon. We're still trying to convince her to move to Oz.
On the 23rd, Kathryn came and celebrated her birthday with some crafting in the Owlery - she had gone completely troppo in the Geelong Kaisercraft store, buying some awesome crafty stuff. We went out for lunch at the Macedon Wine Room, which I can highly recommend. Good food and wine, lovely views, a nice ambience and friendly staff. The afternoon was gain devoted to craft, and we ended up with some nice cards, tags, bookmarks and a small canvas. Tracee also popped in for a quick bubbly, before her well-deserved Christmas break.
 On Christmas Day, I prepared an entree and sweet, and we had lunch at my friend Gudruns, with another friend joining
us. I made a smoked salmon terrine, which turned out very tasty. And I also made a Pecan-Chocolate-Bourbon Pie. I'm no baker, and although the pie looked ok, the pastry was too thick and hard. The filling was fine though. Gudrun had made the turkey, which was yummy.
My friends spoiled me rotten. Kathryn had gone above and beyond, showering me with crafty gifts - all individually wrapped. I'm going to have so much fun making cards etc., and hope she joins me to share the fun.
Tracee gave me this adorable owl and box of delicious teas. Her mum
 had knitted the owl, and I believe Tracee sewed on the big eyes. Too cute!
From Susan and Jenny I got a beautiful owl box (very handy!), and some yummy chutney and jam, which is just perfect.
On boxing day, Gudrun came over for a cold dinner and a few rounds of Rummikin, which was very enjoyable.
One the 27th, Wayne's family came down from Mooroopna. Unfortunately, his brother wasn't feeling well and couldn't come. We all went for lunch to the Olive Tree Hotel in Sunbury. They did well catering for vegetarian and gluten-
 free eaters. Tanya made friends with Sherman, who had not been at all fussed about Christmas, ignoring his new mousie, and the wrapping paper and boxes.
The nieces gave us a box of delightful kitty-cookies, which were almost! too pretty to eat. They did taste very nice though.
Since then, not much has happened, except a tropical storm last night, with heaps of rain. The water was nearly up to our front door. But I'm not complaining.
 I wish everybody a great 2017!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

December is getting away!

 Christmas is nearly here, and December is rapidly disappearing! Have made a few more cards, completed the Xmas shopping, made my shopping lists for the holidays, procured all the usual German Christmas goodies from Aldi, wrapped presents, organised the family get together - I think I deserve a wee tipple!
All that while still recovering from my knee operation. I can at least walk a little and drive for short distances, but the pain is still present most days. Hopefully it will get better soon.
My usual holiday shopping wasn't possible, so I did most of it online. Not very inspiring, but it might have saved some money, because my usual style is 'one present for XX, one for me' !
The Friday ladies have had a lovely Christmas lunch; everybody brought a plate, and the Kriskringles were gorgeous too. I got this gorgeous hand made purse from Janice, in a special box and with chocolates and little sewing things inside. Gorgeous!
We had all participated in a cushion challenge, and had the unveiling that day, too. The ladies did a fabulous job, I thought.
My pre-Christmas is not too hectic, thank goodness, I don't like all the hype. For me, it's all about getting together with family and friends. So we're seeing some friends next week and
Wayne's family will come visit us after
Christmas. I'm still hoping to get a couple of sewing projects done this week.
I hope everybody has a merry and safe Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza and a fantastic new year!