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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas again

Didn't want to let the old year pass without a final blog. Haven't been here for a while, beavering away at my PhD, finally submitted just before Christmas. Now I can have my life back. Just scratching my head about what that life will look like!
When I started this study, I was still working. That's kind of over, at least in terms of Speech Pathology. It was interesting and rewarding while it lasted, but now I just want a day or two a week for pocket money. I guess we all move on.
I shall relax and enjoy the Christmas holidays, and then slowly start getting the house in shape again; lots to do! And I'm going to sort my 'stash'. I can see the top of my sewing table any more, there are layers upon layers of accumulated projects and fabrics! There are quite a number of UFOs awaiting completion, and all sorts of new projects flitting about in my mind.
I also want to create at least one photobook; first of all, one about our last trip to the USA and Canada. That'll take a while, there are hundreds of photographs to sort out. We never do albums any more, so I also wanted a small softbound photobook of 2013.
Once all that's done, I really want to paint again; might have to go back to Helen and get some refresher lessons. I am definitely going to get myself a studio. Not sure when and how, but it's on my list!
If I don't find a job, I might volunteer a bit, I'd like to help with 'Computers for Seniors', might be fun.
We're also planning a few things for the new year, two friends are coming from overseas for a visit, we're thinking of a cruise later in the year, and we'll probably have a few days in the Flinders Ranges, which I haven't seen yet. So, I don't think I'll get bored....
Have a wonderful Christmas everybody and be safe and happy!