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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Busy week

  Blogger is doing weird things today, so I'm starting half way down the page. Whatever.

The week was mildly busy. My sister sent this cute photo of her with a barn owl. To think that, when she was young, she was scared of birds and animals in general, she's come a long way!

Also, While I was out showing Deb the delights of Bacchus March (and the fabulous greengrocers), Wayne got some help moving the Ikea shelf and my sewing table into the Owlery. Yay! Now things can get back to normal, sort of.

Went into town Friday, and found this awesome wool shop, Morris & Sons. It's full of gorgeous wool, sewing things, and a few fabric bolts. But the wool is really the drawcard. Its deadly expensive, with skeins up to $30 a pop, but oh so beautiful! I just had to get myself a few skeins, will have to think about what to do with them.
Unfortunately, Morris & Sons is right above Dymocks, and I just couldn't leave these two books behind. Will enjoy reading them in the Owlery, with a cuppa, sitting in the sunshine.
We had lunch at the Hophaus at Southbank, a German Restaurant. Thankfully, they've avoided the 'Hoompapa' ambience and serve a decent beer and good food. It was Wayne's birthday, and he really enjoyed his lunch and beer. I had a very well cooked Wiener Schnitzel, and marvelled at the many German beers on tap. Loved seeing the sun on the gold-fronted building along the river.