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Friday, November 18, 2016

November happenings

 November started with a little house and dog-sitting for a friend. Tupai the chow and I had a lovely little time together on the Bellarine, enjoying the first warm weather in a while. I couldn't give Tupai a long walk, but we managed a short walk most days. Not sure who was slower, the pooch or I. I was sad to leave him, but he was thrilled to see his mum and dad back from their trip.
Still waiting for a knee operation, so I'm getting a few Xmas cards together for sale. Having lots of fun with that.
On the quilting front, I'm making a cushion for a challenge (to be shown later) and putting together another table runner from the McKenna Ryan hexies. Must find some more of the backing material, I think I bought all of Mary's stock!
The 'supermoon' was a big thing this month, and I took the camera and telezoom lens (100-400mm) out to see if I could catch the moon. I've never been able to capture a good moon photo, but after watching a video and reading a bit about it, I finally managed to get a half-decent shot on Tuesday evening (1/60sec; f5.6; ISO 100). With some post-processing, it turned out ok. The only downside was the cloud of mozzies attacking us relentlessly.

 Lots blooming in the garden, including this 'Blue Moon' rose. Wayne had chopped it back severely, so I'm glad it survived that. After admiring my friend's garden in St. Leonards, I felt like a little colour in my garden too, so I planted some petunias and geraniums. Hopefully the snails won't get them.
Most of my Christmas shopping is done, either bought locally or ordered online. I miss going to shops for some pre-Xmas retail therapy, but I guess on the plus side, I've saved money. My next challenge is to write all my cards by the end of the month.