"an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections" (James Atlas)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Autumn days

The autumn weather has been glorious, and even the kangaroos are lazing around in the sunshine.
Meanwhile, the building of the studio is completed, and I'm in the process of furnishing it. It's a slow task; I'm waiting for tables etc. to be delivered, and then a handyman to assemble everything and hang things up.
My iron board awaits, and my art trolley is ready to stock with pens, paint,s and papers.
My little kitchen corner is operational, with a little fridge, kettle, and tea caddy. I've also stocked the cupboard with some new mugs, I thought these looked pretty
The Bunnings cupboard needs to be set up, and a few shelves installed. I also bought a curtain rod to hang quilts. The window blind and flywire screens will come in a few weeks, as will my comfy chair (need somewhere comfortable to sit and admire the view!). Once the cupboard is up, I can start to move all my goodies in. I shall try to be patient.
Meanwhile, I felt like knitting, so I started a two-colour cowl. Sadly, I made a mistake (did a knit row when I should have done a purl row, duh!), and couldn't be bothered to undo everything, so it will probably go to Kogo. Anyway, it was good to learn a new pattern.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A beautiful rainy day

You're probably thinking "she's nuts', but there's nothing nicer than an overcast day with gentle rain falling, especially after a period of extended drought. So I welcome every drop!
In the meantime, here's my 'Batikats' quilt, from the 'Katthult' pattern by Solbritt & Maria. It was fun to make, and I already have another one in mind. All machine made, which is highly unusual for me; Im a hand quilting girl. (Old girl!).
The studio saga continues, after I sent a firm request to the builder to finish off the project this week. He promised faithfully to do that. Maybe I should have been firmer earlier! Once that's done, I'll do a big clean and then I'll post some pics.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A day to myself

Today, DH went into town to follow up on some genealogical matters, so I had the day to myself. After a restless night on Thursday, I felt like sleeping in and woke refreshed around 9am. I started the day slowly, with coffee and my usual perusal of Facebook, hotmail, news and Pinterest. While posting to my last board on 'Flapper Dresses' I  came across more fashion photos and started another board, 'Edwardian fashion'. I think I like it almost better than the 20's look. Such a pity we don't wear silk, lace and velvet any more. I think the fashion of the 'belle epoque' was so flattering for women  of all shapes.
Later, I headed to Sunbury and dropped into the market, where a friend of mine was selling some jewellery. We had a coffee and then I went to Bunnings (yes, I know I had boycotted them, but I had to get certain things I could not find at Masters). Now I'm addicted to stationery shops, but I'm finding I rather like hardware shops too.
After lunch I watched a couple of episodes of 'Spooks', one of my favourite series, and found two large male kangaroos, one on the front yard, and one in the back paddock. I think the one out front (below) is Big Jack, but the other one was quite impressive too.

Meanwhile, Pretzel was sleeping the day away under his blanket, with one ear, some paws and a little bit of tail showing.  He had the right idea.
At Mary's the other day I discovered some new wool, so I got these balls for a scarf. The colours look a lot brighter than they actually are, and go well together.
I'm about to unsew some quilting on my (not so) secret quilt project, grrr! Anyway, it's not too much, and I don't really care if it looks a little wonky. Tomorrow I'll sew the binding and hanging sleeve on. Then for the great reveal.