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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A beautiful rainy day

You're probably thinking "she's nuts', but there's nothing nicer than an overcast day with gentle rain falling, especially after a period of extended drought. So I welcome every drop!
In the meantime, here's my 'Batikats' quilt, from the 'Katthult' pattern by Solbritt & Maria. It was fun to make, and I already have another one in mind. All machine made, which is highly unusual for me; Im a hand quilting girl. (Old girl!).
The studio saga continues, after I sent a firm request to the builder to finish off the project this week. He promised faithfully to do that. Maybe I should have been firmer earlier! Once that's done, I'll do a big clean and then I'll post some pics.

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  1. Love the cats Donna, wonderful finish!! Great to hear the studio is finished...sometimes the builders just need a nudge!!I enjoy those kind of days too, they balance things out.