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Friday, July 30, 2010

Why the face!!!

Spleen alert! Okay, I need to rant -
Obviously, Australia isn't ready for a female, unwed, atheist Prime Minister! The questions and comments Julia Gillard has to endure makes me wonder why we burnt our bras in the 60's?! So they're questioning her ability to run the country because she's not married, and her moral integrity because she's not religious! Whereas Tony Abbott 's morality is, of course, iron-clad because he's vociferously Christian, and he's able to do the job because he's married and has children! What rot.
Philosophy was around long before the large organised religions were and gave people a moral compass, if they wanted it, making humans live together more peacefully than after the advent of certain religions. I worry about politicians bringing their religious views into politics - there are good reasons to keep state and church separate! I for one, trust a  rational sceptic more than a blind follower of faith.
Disclaimer: I have nothing against people who are religious, but lots against discrimination and holier-than-thou attitudes.
Okay, end of rant.

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