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Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm joining a 52 Week Blog Photo Challenge on Alsha's Space, and the word of the week is INSPIRATION.

I chose this photograph to represent Inspiration, because what inspires me as a photographer, quilter, artist, and person is nature. There is infinite variety in nature, and no matter how often you look at the same thing, it is always different and new, no matter if it is a leaf or a tree or an animal. Nature is there for us to be interpreted in whatever ways we choose. Which is why it is so important to respect and preserve nature in all its forms, from pond slime to an elephant.

I look forward to all the other challenge entries each week - they, too will inspire me!


  1. Absolutely stunning! So true nature is also very Inspiring.

  2. What a beautirul tree, the colours are stunning - yes, I see where you're coming from - nature herself is inspiring to us all!

  3. ohWOW!! LOVE it .. truely inspiring x

  4. Such an amazing photo Donna! Sometimes we need to be reminded to look at nature don't we, not just walk around in it!