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Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 10 challenge: STAR

A friend and I played around with night shots a while ago. We set up our tripods and took different shots of the stars. Then we set our cameras for looooong exposures and went and had a cuppa. When we came back, this is what I got. I tweaked the photo minimally with autofocus and saturation, and while it shows the progression of stars across the sky, there was an unexpected 'shadow' of a human form (if you want to be fanciful) among the stars! Is somebody watching us???


  1. Great photo Donna, spooky to see a figure in there?? Was it Wayne in the background??

    1. Thanks Sue. No, it wasn't Wayne, gave me a bit of a surprise though. I guess it's just the 'dark matter' in space!

  2. Love your star - and yes, they are definitely watching us, I think!

  3. wow! I love it x .. and even like the "mystery" watcher xx lol x

  4. Stunning! Isn't it wonderful what we can do with photography these days.