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Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly challenge: FELINE

I liked the word of the week - feline! Well, lets face it - I like anything that's remotely connected to animals. I've been owned by quite a few felines (9 at last count) and loved each and every one for their interesting purrsonalities. One thing that always get's my cute-vibe going in cats is their paws. There's just nothing sweeter than kitty-paws! I think these ones belong to Mitzi, now gone to cat heaven.


  1. Love those kitty paws! Maybe I could come and take a photo of his Pretzelness??? We are short on felines in this neighbourhood!!!

    1. By all means come and take a photo of the Pretzelator - if you can wake him up! He might be a little indisposed on Monday, having a small operation.