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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Photo word challenge: HEAD

Interesting choice of topic! Well, here's for something unusual - one of Ron Mueck's amazing sculptures. This was the head of a whole newborn sculpture. It was huge, and very lifelike. I found them fascinating but somewhat confronting. He takes everyday people and re-creates them in meticulous detail, but in unreal proportions.
My favourite sculpture was that of two old ladies. I love the expressions on their faces. I can just hear them: "Will you look at that guy! His pants are falling down, and his whities are showing!"


  1. Wow Donna that baby head is amazing...I love those ladies, you can imagine them having so many different conversations! They are so life like!

  2. rather have the old ladies than the baby! My daughter loves his work x

  3. I've seen this mans work before and found it extremely confronting - what an unreal talent!