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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Old Picture Challenge 2015: SUMMER

Alsha's Space has a new challenge, the Old Picture Challenge for 2015. Thought I might go along with that, as it gives us a chance to post photos lingering in old albums and on old discs. The link is http://alshasspace.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/the-old-picture-challenge.html and everybody can participate.
The first theme for this month is SUMMER, and the first photo is from last summer, when we visited the bay in February. These bathing huts along the bayside always evoke thoughts of summer, beach, and water for me. Their owners paint them in fun colours and motifs, and they are a pretty sight along Melbourne's beaches.

The second photo is from Ocean Grove Beach, again last summer, with the surf school out in full force. Nothing nicer than sitting on the beach in summer, watching the surfers' endless routine of paddling, standing up, surfing, and crashing!
Finally, I've added this one which I took just the other day, and which I think shows the fun to be had in summer, at the beach, wearing light clothes and just feeling happy.


  1. Great photos Donna, bring back lots of summer memories for me!

  2. LOVE all of these ... the beach huts would make a wonderful wall hanging xx