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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Odd bits

 I'm somewhat addicted to the Antiques Roadshow program on TV, and when I heard that there was an antiques fair in Geelong, I just had to do my own roadshow. So we headed down there on Friday, in reasonable weather, and found the venue, the Geelong West Town Hall, quite easily. It's in the middle of a rather nice shopping area too, might need to explore that sometime - sans hubby!
So the exbibition consisted of about a dozen stands, not very big, but excellent quality. At the very first stand I inspected, I came across this German sock mushroom. It comes from Mariazell, and is wood burned and painted. The inscription reads "Jedes Loch, ob gross, ob klein, moechte gern verstopfet sein", or "Every hole, be it big or small, would like to be darned". Well, that had to come home.
Then I discovered this amazing spool holder, Victorian I think, with a little man holding a candle, so ladies could sew in the evening. It's glorious - and well outside my price range. I could just stand and admire...
Several of the stands had items I would have liked (sewing paraphernalia), but were to some degree overpriced. There was also vintage clothing with                                                                                      gorgeous lucite handbags, fur collars, hats and
gloves. And a chap who sold furniture, all very high quality, including a 1850's Davenport from India, with leather and gold tooling, and beautiful wood.
Lots of old jewellery too, but that's not really my thing.
After that, it was nearly time for lunch and we headed to the Little Creatures Brewery. We like the place, it's very relaxed, and has nice food. Wayne had a burger, and I tried zucchini and corn fritters with herb yoghurt, and a salad. And of course a small glass of the IPA. Yum.
Then we drove southeast, to visit the Mill vintage and antique market. It was humongous, and I spent at least a couple of hours there, rummaging. In the end, I only came out with this pretty little Bo Peep needle booklet, which folds out to a 3D scene. Cute.
For a change, Wayne found something to take home, a Qantas first-day-cover, and an Anzac cookie tin with a scene from the war. Oh well, he was happy. Didn't see much else that grabbed me, it was rather like an enormous Op Shop, and the Mills at Daylesford and Ballarat seem to have better quality goods. Still, a good day out.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day our Donna, sorry I messed up and didn't catch up with you. Love the sock darning mushroom..the spool holers is amazing, haven't seen anything like that before. Shame it was so pricy. Was it Packington Street where the town hall was? I have plans to explore that one day too.

    1. It was a fun day, and I'm sure we'll catch up soon. Yes, it was the town hall at Pakington Street. It really is a nice little area. Will have to go back one day.