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Monday, March 20, 2017

March-ing right along!

Had a fun day with some of the Friday ladies, celebrating Paula's birthday in Ballan and Ballarat. We explored Millrose Cottage and I certainly let the moths out of my wallet! Woohoo!
We had a lovely lunch at the Millrose cafe. Had a delcious mushroom tart, with exceptional pastry. Very yummy indeed.
My haul from Millrose was a delightful red fabric, to go with my Scandinavian Rose sticheries, now almost completed (one to go!). I'll have to be careful with the cutting - as you know, Donna and cutting don't go well together. Then I found a cool fabric to go with my bear
 panel. I was looking for grey, but liked this small check in greens and browns. I also found a cat fabric, and I just had to buy some because it has a Birman on it! Good reason, right?! The charm squares are just beautiful, lots of colours and rich with golden accents. My mind is busily plotting...
Then, in Ballarat, I found this unbelievable owl fabric! Now, is this awesome or what? The bolt was nearly empty, so I got the rest, about 80cm. No idea what to make with it, but something will occur to me. It's a beautiful linen. I thought I was very restrained at Gail's.
It's been warm and humid today, and Sherman made himself comfortable on the bed in the back room. Nobody can relax as well as a cat! He's lucky he didn't get his feet tickled.

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  1. Hee hee, Sherman sure knows how to make himself comfortable!! Lovely fabrics you have gathered Donna, the owl fabric is just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.