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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hello Canada!

We made it to Canada! yay! After a long day's flying (2 days actually due to crossing the date line), and a brief visit to Venice Beach while in transit in LA, we finally got to our Hotel,  truly a welcome sight. We liked Venice  beach, although it's more delapidAted than quirky these days. And some rather shady characters hanging about! Still, a nice beach to while away transit time. Vancouver looked splendid with the sun on the snow capped Mountains. It almost felt like coming home! People are friendly, one lady gave me her trainpass, which she wasn't using any more. There's a train from the airport to the city. I wish Melbourne had that . Well, it's off to breakfast soon, and then we head for the ship. Sailing out in balmy spring weather . All I need to make my day is seeing orcas or seals or other assorted wildlife. 

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