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Friday, April 9, 2010

The old fashioned scrap quilt

"I have found nothing so desirable for summer covers as the old-fashioned scrap quilt of which our mothers were so proud. Every girl should piece one at least to carry away to her husband's home. And if her lot happens to be cast among strangers, the quilt when she unfolds it will seem like the face of a familiar friend, bringing up a host of memories .... too sacred to intrude upon."
Annie Curd, Good Housekeeping, 1888 (from Voices of the Past, Kaye England)

Well my lot has cast me among strangers, but without a quilt! The closest thing to a 'comfort' quilt I brought to Australia those many years ago was my mum's last dressing gown - and I still have it and use it! No quilts in my heritage I'm afraid - I failed needlework in school (along with maths & physics), mum could just about sew on a button, and I ran screaming from a dress-making class after the first session! And my grandfather a tailor! Still, genes will out - after standing gobsmacked in front of a quilted masterpiece at my first art & craft show, I just had to try it. And never looked back....My name is Donna and I've been addicted to quilting since 1999....

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  1. It's interesting how we came to quilting.
    I loved sewing from the outset but thought quilting was too hard. How wrong I was!
    My name is Chris and I have been addicted to quilting since 1993.