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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Chuffed! I belong to a photography contest group on Facebook. Had quite a few winners - firsts, seconds, thirds & judges' choice, which surprised me, given the quality of the other entries. With everything else going on (life!), I had a break for a while, only to return and get a second and a first place right away! It's nice to know some of my shots are appreciated by people who know something about it. Still surprises me though!
I've made a bit of a journey from happy snapper to - hopefully - someone who thinks before she snaps! Painting has helped with things such as composition, colour and light, but I've also learned a lot from a few great photographers who are generous enough to share their art online - you know who you are!


  1. I am a wannabe great photographer but no more than a happy snapper who takes some occasional good shots.
    I would love to photograph a great sunrise but I don't like to get out of bed early. I saw one in a plane once early morning flight to Melbourne. Shame I couldn't capture it.

  2. Chris, the only sunrise I was ever awake for was at the Taj Mahal - and then is was foggy! Thanks for following!