"an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections" (James Atlas)

Friday, March 6, 2015


 Golly, that came around quickly! Once again it's Friday night with friends, and due to the lack of anything interesting to sew, I once again turned to the paints. This is my very first entry into my art journal. I think I will dedicate this journal to poetry. I don't like motivational sayings or flowers and babes, so poetry it is.
I prepared my page a few days ago with a coat of Gesso, which I pressed all over with a bath sponge for texture, and used impasto with a stamp for the wavy bits.
So tonight I started with a couple of gelatos and kinda mushed them all over, mostly using my fingers. Looks a bit offputting, but I've found that things tend to work out ok later.
I added some Dimensions ink around the edges with a dauber, which gave the edge more depth and better colour. Then I dabbed the lines with some copper metallic stuff, and again used a stencil for the background, with Lumiere old bronze.
The page is about travel, so I added a few bits and bobs about travel, the Eiffel Tower, a Kaisercraft arrow, and a suitcase cut from "Daphne's Diary" magazine (it's brilliant!).
Slowly things are coming together.

 Now for the poem, one of Hans Christian Anderson's which I liked. I glued the words down, darkened the paper with some pastels, framed them in black marker and gold pen. Then I added a few streaks of Inka gold to the page, and finally some bubbles with black oil pastel.
Et voila! My first art journal page finished.


  1. Lovely page Donna...will be interesting to see this journal growing.

  2. Oh MY! I love it!! I sooo wish I could do this :) Barb.

  3. Lots of how-to videos on YouTube, Barb. A good one to start you off is Einat Kessler and Finnabair.

  4. Thanks for showing us your process. Very interesting!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your journal finished...