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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The old picture challenge: Nightmare

"Nightmare" is the word of the month. Hmm, what gives us nightmares? It's often the mundane, everyday things that turn our dreams into something more sinister. So I took some ordinary photos and played a bit with Picasa, to turn them into something that might give you nightmares.
The first photo was taken last year in Singapore, and depicts three lanterns with faces of different deities (one is the Mountain God). I thought they looked pretty forbidding and like something that might haunt your dreams.
The second photo was taken a while back in a small Melbourne alley. he street art owl was quite benign, but once you play with colour etc. those eyes really pop and that fierce stare could give me the willies!


  1. Love the colours Donna...that owl looks like he is considering food!!!

  2. He was big enough to consider ME for food...