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Friday, October 30, 2015

Photography course

I just started a photography course this week, here in Gisborne with Peter Ryan. It is presented over 5 weeks, in the afternoon. The first 3 weeks are theory, then we go out and practise.
It was an interesting start to the course. I expected something more basic, since a few of the participants were quite unfamiliar with their cameras and digital photography. Still, one has to start somewhere. The first session was about shutter speed and aperture, f-stops and DOF. I'm willing but hesitant to move too far away from AUTO, so I welcomed the more technical side of it, even though I understood it more intuitively than logically.
I have a few exercises to do this week, working with the Av setting, adjusting ISO and playing with shutter speeds. This evening, there were some black yellow-tailed cockatoos in the yard, ripping a hakea to shreds. I used my long telezoom lens, but they were a bit far away. This (cropped and heavily edited) shot was the best of a bad bunch. Still, I used the manual settings, so that's a start. Should have used the tripod, but was in the middle of cooking dinner, so lots of shaking (that lens is bl.... heavy!). Peter gave us a useful cheat sheet, although I need to ponder it a while longer in order to use it effectively. Here's to more learning!


  1. That sounds fantastic Donna...Peter Ryan takes the most amazing photos...I am sure you will enjoy this course very much!

  2. Persevere Donna...I'm sure that it will pay off in the long run.