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Monday, November 9, 2015

Photography course continued....what next?

Week 2 of attending Peter Ryan's photography course, and the theory is somewhat over my head. I've never been good with numbers, and according to Peter, numbers are the name of the game.
Well, ok, up to a point. If I started calculating everything before finally taking a shot, the moment would be lost. As in the case of this little fellow, who came visiting the other day. He kindly stayed for a while, so I could try out a few settings.
I can proudly say that I haven't used the AUTO function on my camera since I started. So that's a plus, I guess. I'm using the manual settings on my camera more, which is what I intended. Next week is the last theory session, then we go out and practise what we've learned.
I just found a travel writing course online, which looks interesting. I could combine two loves, writing and photography, might even get something published. I'd certainly have enough to write about the cruise we took earlier this year. I'd just have to be careful not to be too damning about some of my fellow countrymen...

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  1. That is a worry if there is heaps of maths Donna, but your photos are looking great...and good you are not using the auto. I have just signed up for an online course so will see how we go!! You would be a fantastic travel writer, always enjoy reading what you have written. Some of your countrymen upset you???