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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Studio

Well, it's starting! The builders arrived this morning with a couple of trucks and equipment, and started to prepare the site Very exciting, even DH was excited. The happy feelings were momentarily dampened by the loss of some favourite shrubs (bottle brush, honeysuckle, cotoneaster), but I'll be able to get the honeysuckle and bottlebrush again. I've taken cuttings of the cotoneaster because you can't buy it here, it's considered a pest plant. But I like them, they're very pretty and the bees love them.
The old dog kennel was also removed. Wayne seems to think there won't be any more dogs. He's got another think coming!
I'm quite impressed so far with our builder, Mick from MM Constructions in Sunbury. Everything is progressing without fuss as planned, and with a little luck we should be at lockup stage by Christmas, and should be finished later in January. I've planned the layout and materials, just thinking about tables at the moment. Will check out ebay for a cutting table, bench height. More photos as the work progresses.

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  1. That is exciting Donna!!! Sound good to be all going smoothly and to plan!!! Must have a other dog surely!!!