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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Studio - cont'd

 Things are happening! Yay! The guys came to put the slab down last week. It took 3 concrete trucks to fill it all in. This little studio will have strong and deep foundations. It slowly gave me an idea of the size too.

Not much later, and the frame went up. The guys did it all in one - hot - day. Very efficient. The windows and door are in, and I love the big window looking out over the paddock.

Interestingly, the new part won't obstruct any views. You only see it from a small kitchen window, and .
you see straight through the studio's windows into neighbour's paddock.

Next week, the roof will be aligned with the existing roofline, and hopefully we'll get the bricks delivered.

With all this hot weather, I hope the aircon will come on again soon....


  1. Looking good Donna...the view from the big window will be wonderful, you will be able to see your kangaroo family easily.

    1. That was the general idea, Sue. Hope the Roos come back after the building's done.