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Friday, March 11, 2016

Early morning

This morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am, goodness knows why. Still, it afforded me a view of our foggy paddocks, still rainsodden from yesterday's weather. Our little mob was here too, and the joey was out of the pouch, hopping around like a mad rabbit, before diving back into mum's pouch upon seeing me. I love seeing fog, and the rain was so good!
I also finished a small challenge quilt wall hanging, called "Paula's challenge", because Paula gave us all a panel from Japan. My design is extremely simple, I'm finding 'less is more' a good principle at the moment. The few bits of bling I attached give it a bit of a lift.
On the studio front, we will have a floor complete within the hour. I chose vinyl planks for ease of cleaning, and they looked nice in the shop. I didn't realise how thin the planks were. But I think it'll look ok.
Now I'm onto the quilting of my Prim runner.


  1. Beautiful misty morning photos Donna, love the kangaroo appearing out of the mist. You did a great job with your challenge. Hope the quilting is going well on your Prim runner.

    1. Thanks Sue; we've got a kangaroo invasion at the moment, they're here all the time. The Prim runner is almost quilted; had to stop when my finger started bleeding!