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Monday, March 7, 2016

I blinked

Yes, I blinked, and it's March! No idea where February got to. Didn't achieve much, either. The building works have slowed, and I'm getting toey! The concrete needed testing, and was found to be only borderline dry, so apparently we need to apply some liquid to make sure the vinyl doesn't warp. But I'm told the floor is going in this week, and I believe the cupboards aren't far off either. The painting is done, at least, and looks good. This needs to be wrapped up by Easter,
In the meantime, I've been working on two things, one is my 'Prim runner', which is ready to quilt. I enjoyed doing this, got the idea from a picture in Pinterest and did my own version.
The other is a challenge ( in more ways than one!), and I can't show it yet, need to finish it this week.
Pretzel had an interesting morning, with TWO kitty visitors! The other day, we had 5 kangaroos near the windows, and when they saw Pretzel, the all sat up stared at him for a while, before hopping away. You're a scary cat, Pretz!


  1. Go Pretzel!!!! Lol!! Love your table topper Donna, the pumpkins look great.

    1. Thanks, still thinking about how best to quilt it.