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Sunday, October 23, 2016

More cards

 My knee is still giving me grief, so I'm not venturing far from home at the moment. Instead, I make good use of the Owlery, and keep myself occupied by making Christmas cards, and a few others.
I'm only a beginner to card making, and learn along the way. It's quite an addictive hobby (and an expensive one), but I hope to be able to sell them at some stage.
I've learned about embossing and using dies, cutting papers, using adhesives for different purposes, and find it's a very creative and engrossing pastime.
I've made a birthday card and one for my sister for Halloween, using the Tim Holtz dies, which I love. When I'm resting my knee, I tend to look at multi media and card making YouTube videos - there's so much to learn.

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  1. Very nice cards Donna, you are doing very well!! Sure is an addictive hobby!!