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Sunday, October 16, 2016

October things

 October is half way gone already, and it sure doesn't feel like spring. Lots of rain and wind and cold weather, with the occasional rainbow thrown in. October, November and December always confuse me slightly, having grown up in northern climes, when this time of the year would be filled with balmy autumn days, Halloween and Thanksgiving things, and reminders that Christmas is not that far off. So waiting for summer is just a bit ... odd.
Still, Sherman seems to be comfortable looking out from under the air vent, among the Halloween decos. He's lost much of his winter coat, and is a much more streamlined kitty.
Various trees have been blossoming here, lately the apple trees are a good source of pollen for the bees. I tried to get some bees in my photos of the apple tree, but it was so windy the poor bees got blown off course.
I've torn the meniscus in my knee, which has restricted me quite a bit, in terms of going out and walking far. So I've spent a bit more time in the Owlery (which is no hardship!). At the moment, I'm

making Christmas cards, which is a lot of fun. I will see if I can sell them before Christmas, and then start again in the new year. Yesterday, I was with some of my quilty friends in Geelong, and found the Kaisercraft store on the way home. OMG, it's HUGE, and so awesome! They have a staggering amount of papers,  and lots of bargain papers, stamps and other goodies. I shall be happily crafting away with all the yummy things I discovered there.


  1. Your cards are beautiful Donna, hope the knee is much better!! This spring sure is confused!!! But the blossom is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sue, having lots of fun with cards and tags.