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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bits & bobs

Have been in the Owlery a few times this week. First, I needed to make a get well card for a family member who broke her leg skating on a frozen lake in Germany! Very adventurous for an over-70yo.
I quite enjoyed making this one, very different for me. Must push those limits.
Then I finally started on a new project, with the cute cat fabrics Tracee, Sue, and Marg gave me for my birthday last year. I cut the triangles on the Accuquilt Go, which took all of half an hour. I got a whole section done yesterday, and a kind friend cut some strips out for me (my shoulder is playing up
 again). But I noticed that I gave her the wrong measurements, so I'll have to re-cut - ugh! AND will lose quite a bit of fabric. Donna and cutting do not go well together.
I so enjoyed the cooler weather yesterday, but this afternoon it's quite warm again, and I'm very lethargic.
The warmer weather brings the parrots to the back yard, cockatoos, corellas, galahs all congregate in our yard. Our apple trees were a big drawcard this week, attracting the cockies. They had a feast with the semi-ripe apples. I wondered whether the birds get a tummy ache from the unripe fruit too. Hmm.


  1. I don't think the cockatoos get a tumy ache as they do the same thing year after year!!! Or maybe the are slow learners lol!! The cat project is lookkng interesting Donna, must be the time of year I think as ai have been having cutting problems too!! The card is lovely Donna...it is wonderful to be ice skating at 70, shame about the broken leg though, hopefully she heals quickly, enjoy your Owlery sessions.

    1. Thanks! I could just tear my hair out about the fabric! Argh!