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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekend fun

 It's been a fun couple of days. The Friday ladies visited the Owlery and we had a lovely afternoon stitching, knitting, quilting, and laughing. These ladies don't do things by half, they brought cake, freshly baked cookies, chocolates, tea and coffee, and we sure did justice to all of that. I was nearly finished with this panel of my Scandinavian Rose quilt, and completed it yesterday at Alleyne's place, where went for sit n sew. Only two more panels to go!
Alleyne kindly gave me this adorable owl door hanger for the Owlery. Those birds are taking over! Sweet little owls though.
 This week I also received my long-awaited Graphics 45 Ladies Diary paper pack, and I'm just blown away by how gorgeous it is! I got a shadowbox from Kaisercraft last week, and one of the projects I envisage using this paper for is the shadowbox. And lots of cards, of course.
The kangaroo is Ernie, a young-ish male who's been hanging around our place a lot recently. He has a small harem of three ladies and a couple of joeys, but they are not always with him. He seems to like it here. He's a lazy thing, doesn't move very much or very fast, usually lying down and grazing on one side, then turns over
and grazes on the other side. Not a bad life.

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  1. Nice to meet Ernie!! That paper pack is beautiful Donna, wonderful to have sit and sew days with friends. Great to see the st I tchery well on the way to a finish.