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Sunday, February 5, 2017


 A bit of a mixed bag today. Have been busy in the Owlery, mainly putting the kitty quilt together, but a lot of unsewing happening! It's those dratted angles that are hard to figure out. But I will battle on.
On Tuesday I'll be off to the Macedon Photographic Society again, they're having a little com around a "Wildlife" theme. So I got three of my photographs matted and wrapped, to show. Funnily, I think all of these were taken before I had my fancy DSLR. Goes to show, you can get a decent shot with any camera.
 Next is the stamp set I was hankering for - it's a beauty! Can't wait to use it. The tree comes up beautifully on cards, especially when it's embossed. Very excited!
Then a friend told me about her father, who will be celebrating his 94th birthday soon. I thought he might like a card all the way from Australia (to Nova Scotia), so I made him one featuring my photo of an old truck, plus some gears etc. on a background of rust. He's into trucks and cars, having been a car parts salesman for many years. I hope he enjoys it.
 The Friday ladies visited again, and one of them, Ann, makes these wonderful hardanger stitcheries. How beautiful, it looks almost like lace. A very talented lady. I shall be missing the Fridays in the Owlery, but next week it's back at Mary's for sit 'n sew.

Finally, a little more wildlife - a spider made its web on on our front porch. Very pretty, and I hope he stays outside!


  1. Hi Donna, what a great blog! I love your posts with the wonderful, really creative works and fotos.
    Thank you so much for your nice comment in my blog!
    Yes on my last work I used rubber stamps. They were made by ARTJourney. The background I created with acrylics. Unfortunately, I have too little time to be creative as I have a time-consuming job.
    I wish you a great week!
    Greetings from Berlin, Bye Gabi * Lillibelle *

    1. Thank you, Gabi! I follow your blog with great interest, even though I'm a bit slack with comments. I had a look at the stamps, we can get some of them here in Australia too. Will put them on the wish list. Tschüss, Donna

  2. Beautiful photos Donna,good luck in the comp. Love the stamps and the card you made is beautiful and very appropriate, I am sure it will be much admired. I hope that spider stays outside too!!! We have lots in the garden at present, they are strong web and have a curled leaf in the middle where the spider lurks!!

    1. Wish they'd stay out! And every time I see one inside, DH is asleep, so I have to take care of it myself. Ugh.