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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday morning happenings

Felt unaccountably energetic this morning - and no, it didn't last. But I got a few things done.
First, I checked out a few goodies I got from Lincraft yesterday. Must have been in the mood for Valentine's Day, since I treated myself to some hearts, a die and some brads. Rather liked the little cat and the stamps with sewing-related bits.
Then I got stuck into the Kitkat-Quilt, and started to sew the rows together. I try my best to get the points to match, but best not look too closely! Still, so far, so good.
And then I made a Valentine's card for my better half. Inside it says -
"...means All my Love! in Cat". Seeing that he likes his kitties.

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  1. Very nice shopping supplies there Donna, your cat quilt is looking great love the card!