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Friday, February 16, 2018

More florals

 Following on from the last blog, here are some more floral shots. My Blue Moon rose blossomed nicely this summer - even whilst under threat from DH's chainsaw. He's a bit trigger happy!
The sunflowers lasted well; I just love close-up shots of these cheerful beauties.
And an African violet whose grandparent plant I received from a former colleague many years ago, has decided to bloom again.
The pretty orchid I bought for $10 last year has done very well too.

On another floral note, I'm half way through my Kim McLean quilt blocks. At the moment, I'm preparing more stems, which I'm finding tricky.
I've decided not to make the border which will hopefully reduce it to a hanging quilt.
I'm looking forward to the Geelong Quilters' Guild meeting tomorrow. Just keeping my fingers crossed that no kangaroos jump into my car this time...


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  1. Lots of beautiful flowers at your place Donna, loving your Kim McLean blocks, hope the stems cooperate with you! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, at least with summer weather hopefully you will get home in the light and the kangaroos will be otherwise occupied!