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Friday, February 23, 2018


Things are happening! First, this little Brush bronzewing came to visit. Hadn't spotted one of these before. He's got very pretty markings.
Then the landscapers arrived and have been busily transforming the area near the house, adding a pathway around, a garden bed and a high planter box. It's very satisfying, seeing things happen, and it will be nice to walk around the house without having to watch where you step! The garden bed will be home to a few roses, the bird bath, and a rosemary bush. I'll fill the high planter with herbs and possibly
some lettuce. I've always wanted to grow radicchio. I can already smell the basil, mint, and thyme...
Wayne cut down some of the old Virgilia tree, which had split in half and was obstructing the driveway. These trees don't usually get that old, and ours have lasted nearly 20 years, so we'll soon have to plant some replacements.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Friday ladies here today, and to catching up with the Saturday ladies tomorrow, for some fun and quilting.

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  1. That is an interesting bird Donna. Good to see the path way and garden beds are going in...handy man Wayne there!! We have lost several plants here due to the hot and dry this year.