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Sunday, September 23, 2018

This and that

We're well into spring, but it's still only 10C during the day and the heater is still on at night! The winter woollies won't be packed away just yet. I finished another Sawyer Scarf, which will warm someone as soon as I can sell it. Just love crocheting them; the (Lincraft) wool is just wonderful, both in colour and texture, and to work with.
I'll be switching to a Wordpress blog in the new year, so I wanted to print out my blogs, which I've written since 2010. My friend Susan from Kiwikids gave me a contact, and I have them all now. Quite happy with them, too. Net time round, I might make the photos a bit bigger.

Everyday cooking is always a challenge, most of the time it bores me senseless. Often, I'd be happy with just some toast and eggs, or crackers and cheese. DH is pretty good and will make his own dinner if I'm really not into it. So, when my friend Melva put me on to a new recipe, I thought I'd give it a go. It's a recipe from Borg's Pastry, Chicken and Leek Pie, and also contains Mushrooms and (my version) a little bacon. I was quite impressed with how easy it was and we had three meals each out of it. Here's the link to the recipe (http://www.borgcraft.com.au/pages/recipes/our-recipes/chicken-mushroom-pie.php).
Our Manchurian Pear tree is absolutely magnificent at the moment, with clouds of white flowers providing nourishment for bees and a spectacular focus for the garden. We've got another, small one coming up, but it will take a while until it's as superb as the older one.
We've also had some visitors to the garden. The kangaroo mum with the twin joeys has been here once or twice. The joeys are healthy and bouncing around happily. The big hare had raced across the paddocks a few times, just a streak in the grass, but one day he just sat for a couple of hours under the trees, catching some rays. 
And yesterday a rare visit from our blue tongue lizard. We see him rarely, but fairly regularly. He was also enjoying a few sunny moments, and curled up against the warm bricks. I wonder where he goes to sleep at night. 

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  1. The blossom is beautiful Donna, you have lots of beasties at your place, I can remember the hare jumping around in your back yard! That pie looks and sounds fantastic!! Well done you! Good to see you have the blog books, the scarf is stunning!